The maintenance method of different material bags

Case and bag is a general term for all kinds of bags, including general handbags, backpacks, backpacks, gift bags, satchels, Fanny packs and trolley cases. So, do bags made of different materials need to be maintained in different ways?

I. Precautions for Leather case and bag Maintenance:

1. Do not wash with water. The correct way to clean the dirt on the daily cleaning surface is to dip in with dry cloth and wipe it with clean water or cleaning liquid;

2, out-of-season storage leather bags, should be placed in the cabinet with ventilation conditions, the storage should pay attention to avoid the bags being squeezed, distorted, mold and moth.

3. Wipe the leather cases and bags along the direction of fur;

4. The care products used in the cleaning and maintenance of leather cases shall not contain acidic or alkaline ingredients, nor volatile ingredients;

II. Matters needing attention in the maintenance of cloth Bags:

1. When cleaning cloth bags, remove the belt before cleaning;

2. When cleaning the cloth bags, prevent the fabric from fading;

3, if the cloth bag with deep dirt, can be added in the cleaning a little soda water.