Development of luggage and bags industry

release: Forest Tiger / Time: 2020/10/13 9:36:29

With the development of the handbag, luggage industry in China exhibition also have sprung up, in addition to Hong Kong, guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing and other cities outside the mainstream of the exhibition, each big industry base in the luggage industry exhibition emerge in endlessly, relative size and more mature with jinjiang, wenzhou, dongguan, chengdu and other places of the exhibition.

What demonstrates the success of China's manufacturing industry and the unmatched capacity of the luggage and bags manufacturing industry. The competition and challenges in the luggage and luggage industry are becoming more and more fierce, but at the same time, there is also a considerable market space, opportunities and challenges coexist, I believe that China's luggage and luggage industry will usher in the spring of development in the future!