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Look at the appearance of more hands-on try: in addition to the wheels and rods, in fact, there are some small details when shopping for travel bags can not be ignored, such as zippers, locks, etc. It is suggested that consumers should carefully observe the appearance of travel bags and suitcases and try them out more often. Look at the appearance, the soft box is mainly to check whether the stitching is uniform, whether there is an empty needle, needle leakage phenomenon; The hard box is mainly to observe whether there are cracks in the box body.
The place that begin to try, besides pull lever, wheel, still have zipper, lock to wait, zipper must DORA close a few times, see when pulling smooth, zipper whether to have lack tooth to wait. The lock is mainly to check whether the dial of the combination lock is flexible. If possible, consumers are advised to buy well-known brands of travel bags, and high-quality travel bags are also one of the guarantees for a good mood.